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Not all supplements are created equal. 

In addition to good food, nutritional supplement and herbs can be critically important in supporting biochemical/metabolic functioning, immune and hormone regulation, and detoxification. They can also be helpful with ongoing health maintenance.  When appropriate, we may recommend nutritional supplements or herbs to support your health and healing.  Recommendations are based on review of recent scientific literature as well as the age-old clinical experience of many health professionals.

Some products are better absorbed and utilized by the body than others.  The particular form of a vitamin or the way a mineral or amino acid is formulated is critical for the way it functions in the body and what organs and tissue it supports.  The commercialization of vitamins and supplements often leaves the public confused and overwhelmed.  Our providers continually study this important aspect of healing health by reviewing the most up to date literature, research, and consulting leading experts in the field.  
As a service to you, we select products formulated for effectiveness and purity from companies with high standards.

For your convenience, we sell professional quality supplements, herbs, and vitamins in our office.  We are happy to ship supplements any of our patients. Call (830)992-3042 and one the our staff will be glad to help you.

Patients can save 10% and have supplements shipped directly to their home by setting up a free account Fullscript.   Click below to simplify your life and save!  The vast majority of supplements we stock at the clinic are available online with Fullscript. For anything else, we are happy to ship them to you for your convenience.

Our Top Picks

Need quality products or supplements? Please choose from the following companies that Dr. O'Leary endorses.  Click on each listing for more info.

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For a variety of quality nutritional vitamins, minerals and herbal products.

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Air Doctor

Dr. O'Leary's choice for optimal indoor air quality. The Air Doctor filter is 100 times more effective than ordinary HEPA filters.  It removes almost 100% of particles and the vast majority of toxic ozone, volatile organic compounds and gases.
More info.


Designs For Health

Visit the website.



Come use Dr. O'Leary's sauna or purchase your own.

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Portable Home Dehumidifier

Controlling humidity is important for maintaining good indoor air quality and comfort.  This is especially true in newer, tightly built homes in spring and fall when neither the heater nor air conditioner run enough to pull significant moisture out of the air.  

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Drucker Labs

Our favorite liquid vitamins.

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Use patient code "ole5559"


Clean water is essential and Berkey is a name you can trust.

Visit the website.

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